Prepaid Travel MasterCard®

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Going abroad? Take us with you! With a thinkmoney travelcard, you'll always know where you stand with your holiday money.

Loading it up couldn't be simpler. The Pounds come straight out of your Card Account - and the Euros / US Dollars go straight onto your travelcard.

  • It's convenient. No need to carry large sums of cash - just take your card with you.
  • It's simple. Pay in shops & restaurants and withdraw cash at ATMs, just like you do at home*
  • It's a MasterCard card! So it's accepted at millions of places worldwide
  • It's thinkmoney on the move! Control your money 24/7 - whatever country you're in, just log in to see what's left on your card, or to transfer some extra funds from your Card Account
  • It's a great way to 'lock in' a good exchange rate. Transfer the funds whenever it suits you - and you can stop worrying about the Pound dropping before you go
  • It's a great way to budget for your holiday spends. Transfers are fee-free, so you can move some extra money across as often as you like, subject to the maximum card loads as shown in the fee table
  • Just a one-off charge of £5 for the card itself. Fee-free transfers after that! Other fees apply to the use of ATMs and outside the card currency. Click here for a breakdown.

* Unfortunately, some ATMs may charge an additional fee which is beyond our control. This fee should be shown to you before you confirm the transaction.